UK interest

Where on the tax forms fo you put interest paid on a UK bank account. It’s not a lot but want to get it in the right place. TIA.

It goes on the form 2047 under Intérêts et autre produits de placement à revenue fixed which gets recorded at 2TR on the 2042.

Hi Sue, you also need to send a form or schedule to declare all of your UK bank accounts whether they are in use or not. I can’t remember what number the form is but a simple spreadsheet will do. Hope that helps.
Izzy x

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Thank you everyone. Yes I did know about the bank accounts but the interest on has foxed me. Last year it was only about €30 and when I couldn’t find where to put it I left it. But this year -due to various reasons -it’s a bit more and I didn’t want to do the same. Thanks again.

IIRC the same applies for any winnings on Premium Bonds/

Hello David, Can you tell me where UK bank interest goes on the online form please ? 2047 seems to have no box to tick.


Hi Graham,

I used the yearly averaged exchange rate from Banque de France for the currency conversion (1€=£0.8773), do you suggest to add a note in the 'La mention expresse '?


No need to do so. That equates to about 1.14 so OK there.

Thanks Graham