UK Passports for French Residents

“If you have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement you do not need any extra months on your passport to enter or exit EU countries.”

It’s been a long, difficult day. Please can someone explain what this means… as my head is in a fog.

I think it means one does not need a “cartain number of unused months” on one’s passport if a holder of CdSWA… it merely needs to be “indate”

I would interpret it exactly the same way as you have. Others need a minimum of 6 months remaining on their Passport.

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…would be a cataclysmic error if this is interpreted wrongly!

I am desperate to get back to the UK to see family and sort some things out there. Was planning November but in checking my passport it expires February 2022 so sending off for a renewal. I know in theory I will have no issue using the passport up to its expiry date but don’t want to be stuck at the tunnel trying to get back in dealing with an uninformed border officer :flushed:

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The UK Border Agency has uniformed officers but no uninformed officers. :wink:

There is currently a six week wait time for UK passport renewals according to the official site, I’m in the same position and dare not book any crossing until the new passport arrives.

My oh renewed earlier in the year when the web site reported ten to twelve weeks - their new passport was returned in two weeks so I remain hopeful.

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to stamp or not to stamp… that is the question … :wink: