UK Pension Indexation post Brexit

UK Pension recipients in Australia, NZ, Canada, South Africa (and no doubt other former UK colonies) only receive a NON indexed pension.

This is of course bitterly disputed by those recipient because they paid in so why should they not be fully paid out similar to other / UK recipients. But that’s their ongoing battle. (I’m advised their contributions are quarantined and adequate, and thus not in competition with other UK socioeconomic demands).

Post Brexit (whatever the / if ever an outcome) what guarantees are there that those UK pension recipients who remain in France / EU will continue to receive indexed UK pensions?

I guess it depends on the phase the moon is in when the question lands on the tin pot dictator’s desk :crazy_face:
But other than than that, IIRC the indexing of pensions has little to do with brexshit but is a separate treaty.

If there is a transition period uplifts will happen durimg it. After that curremtly there is a statement of intent from the UK. Nothing more.

it’s all to do with reciprocity between the UK and other countries in / not in the EU - current status


At the embassy meeting in Poitier it was stated that the intent was there and of course the French government would want their citizens to also continue to get the increases whilst in the UK.

good morning all. I have not been following the pensions discussions so appologise if this has been covered. I have just received a letter from UK pensions saying that three years after the UK leaves the EU my pension will cease to benefit from an annual increase. Leaving asside the question of whether the UK will really leave the EU or will leave in name only, does anyone have any Idea just what the ‘official’ rationale is for stopping this index linking after three years is.?
Usually, even if one disagrees with something like this, it is possible to at least understand the other point of view as towhy it is being implemented, but in this case I cannot. They have already robbed many of us of pension payouts by increasing the age of elegibility, now this.
Based on current inflation rates, I wonder if anyone has calculated how long it will take for our non indexed pensions to be almost worthless;

As our name starts with W we will be amongst the last to hear this joyful news.

It is so marked on the UK Gov pages - and I cannot figure out why they intend to stop it. Correction, on the page they say it (annual increase) will be open for negotiations after 3 years (negotiations with whom, I do not know) :thinking:

The three years is if there us no deal I think. And apparently the reason given is reciprocal arrangements need to be made with EU vountries-why I have no idea!!

Trade deals probably…

What have Trade Deals got to do with my Pension ??? :thinking:

Ah yes, absolutely nothing… but possibly another drip, drip in the Chinese-Torture that BJ is visiting on everyone… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’re right, absolutely nothing! The agreements will be reciprocal agreements on social security entitlements.