Uk Pension rises

UK State Pension to RISE annually for ex-pats living in EU countries…


Thanks Joyce, that’s encouraging :+1:

cheers Joyce… seems good news… if they can be trusted.

I was delighted to read their promises on 28th August last year… only to find they reneged in October… so I shall not hold my breath with regard to anything “good” that they might tell us… until they have proved we can believe them

Basically, that does it for me - the rest of Brexshit can royally screw the whole of the UK and I hope they don’t suffer too much from the effects of chlorinated chicken and expensive medicines from the US.
As I indicated (at least) once before on here, I will not be looking to visit the UK anytime soon so having to choose which channel in customs to select has about as much meaning as preventing a pimple on the end of my manhood. :slightly_smiling_face:

Except Graham, whenever you fly back into France from wherever you’ll have to choose the non-EU queue so you can show your UK passport. :grinning:

My travelling days are over - ill health has seen to that :upside_down_face:

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Sorry to hear that Graham.

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Has anyone found the UK govt site which endorses the claim that the UK will increase the pensions… so far, I’ve only seen it in The Express…

Has there actually been an announcement??

This is the most recent one

cheers Joyce. Yep… I see what you mean.

I would rather like to hear the Government make an announcement in Public… since the pensions site promised so much in August of last year… then went and changed all its pages and forgot the promises- in October of last year… :thinking: :unamused: At least if someone stands up in public and we get it on film… we can point the finger if they renege again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You think that would make a difference :roll_eyes:

Well, it would help me not to feel that I am going barmy… I know what I read, I know the promises made on their wretched site… then someone rewrote the script without a by your leave… :anguished: and I was left looking and feeling like a daft whatsit…

Yes, I totally agree with you, Stella, but isn’t it a very sad situation to feel such mistrust in the very organizations we should have complete trust in! :woman_shrugging:

(((((( Hugs )))))) Graham…:heart:

Do you have family in uk you would probably visit if it wasn’t for ill health…???

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Yes Helen.
Son, DIL and 2 grand kids who love visiting France.

While the UK Government has said that EU Expat pensions will remain in line, this never has, and most likely never will, take into account changes in exchange rate. I think it is reasonable to expect that the foreseeable future is going to be difficult for the UK and consequently our Sterling pensions will buy less in Europe.
But I do not altogether trust them. Overseas pensioners outside of Europe suffer serious loss by the removal of index linking of their pensions. It is not unimaginable that some future government, when times are hard, will decide to level-down all overseas pensions on the grounds that it is only fair that we shouldn’t be better off than our more distant compatriots.
Unfortunately, pensioners don’t have much leverage with government. Come to that, nor do any citizens living in relative poverty. So the only actions likely to make any difference are sabotage or violence.
Gilets Jaunes, anyone?

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Why can’t pensioners take this good news for what it is, good news. The thread has very quickly descended into scepticism of what seems to be a straightforward positive announcement. If things change in the future then voice your opinion but for the here and now all is good. This OAP is happy.


John… this is good news…and if it comes off I shall be very pleased. However, I have already prepared PlanB… to ensure our lifestyle in France , continues… (after the Gov reneged on their previous promises)… :thinking: :anguished:

Not prepared to let my spirits soar on the wings of a promise from this fickle government … let’s wait and see…

But my spirits are soaring after a wonderful meal at Brantôme, with UK visitors. They are having to go back to UK… and I am able to stay here, yippee !!!

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Because it shouldn’t be necessary to assure us that we will continue to get the pension benefits we earned during our working lives and are morally entitled to receive in the same way as UK residents.
The fact that this needed to be said suggests that alternative possibilities have been contemplated.
Take a look at-
Do you really believe they won’t pull the same trick on us when they think they can get away with it?

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I believe it is part of the Withdrawal Agreement - the one everyone has now endorsed, (final stage passed today in the EU parliament), so it is now law, along with the reciprocal health agreement.
If you are on facebook, there is the RIFT group, which has lots of accurate information re our rights post Jan31st/Dec31st
Hope that helps.