UK Pensioners healthcare payments set to continue

(Graham Lees) #1

Good news…

And also the maintenance of the triple lock in the 2018 budget. Pensions set to rise by 2.6% in April 2019.

(Patrick O'brien) #2

I have read the article , and nowhere does it refer to the maintenance of pension uplifts or benefits exports -in fact it says these are still unresolved . I personally have no doubt that the pensions will continue as now, the decision being one for the UK alone and nothing to do with the EU or the french.

(Graham Lees) #3

@parsnips You seem to have missed the point.
The pension uplift is referred to in a different article about the budget. I didn’t say it was in the first article I referred to which was about a different matter… but I do agree that the first article suggests there has been no agreement on the continued uplift

Other areas that remain uncertain include the annual uprating of British state pensions in the EU and the ability to claim certain ‘exported’ benefits, notably for disability.

and of course, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed but given, as you say, the pension uplift issue has nothing to do with the UK’s relationship with the EU, there is nothing to suggest that it will not remain as status quo as per the table below:

Not all of these countries are member states of the EU of course so should be totally unaffected by Brexit.

This is the link to the pension uplift and triple lock

(Jane Williamson) #4

I have just been listening to Money Box on radio 4 which was dedicated to the problems faced by UK citizens living in the EU in the event of no deal.
Just imagine if your reciprocal health agreement ended on 29th March and you had to cover the cost of your health care until the government of your host country got round to sorting it out and your life depended upon your medication and living in a warmer country.
Students of British citizens wishing to go to University in UK would have to pay as foreign students.
People working cross border could lose their jobs.
So I say to people who have voted to Leave, you are responsible for all the worry and stress this is causing many many people.
Just remember, what comes around goes around, so one day it will be you.

(stella wood) #5


Personally… I think it gets us absolutely nowhere… to keep harping on about who voted which way… and who is to blame… etc etc.

Most people voted in the way they deemed best. Democracy allows that freedom…

(Jane Williamson) #6

People are facing the consequences of that vote.
It affects their lives.
I will fight for all those who are having their lives turned upside down and saying that it is time to tone it down ignores all the news coming out of all the shenanigans of Arron Banks and his funding of the Leave Campaign.

(Peter Goble) #7

I’m not sure “harping on” is the right way to describe Jane’s comments, Stella. I’m the one who tends to harp on around here, and I’ll thank all who agree with that not to ‘like’ it, I’m paranoid enough… :grinning:

But if leavers voted in full knowledge of the consequences of Brexit (as they commonly claim), then their manifest disregard for Jane’s future, and perhaps mine, needs to be made real to them, because it was a cruel and callous thing to do, and they deserve to know what harm they did to real people like Jane.

I think she deserves support and she certainly has mine. No offence intended, Stella. :slight_smile:

(Nellie Moss ) #8

I’m a remainer and I think Brexit is a nightmare and we will be paying the price for years, but living and working in the UK I get a view across the spectrum as it were. People genuinely believe(d) that a Brexit was needed and they were going to suffer if they didn’t get one. I’m afraid to a lot of people the plight of (to them) a few people lucky enough to live abroad isn’t going to appear on their radar

(Helen Wright) #9

I’m a non voter and haven’t voted for anyone or anything anywhere since the b-Liar govermment and the loss of life that resulted from the wholly false wmd narrative…all of my kids are anti war…this colours their viewpoints…2 don’t vote…my eldest daughter who is 30 and my son who is my youngest at 23…my middle daughter at 28 voted for labour and Jeremy Corbyn but dare not tell her Dad who has always been staunch Tory…

Obviously they have a mother…me…living in Brittany…I don’t try to influence their views…my middle daughter has volunteered for women’s aid and seen first hand the way the system operates…cuts to services and how it impacts on mothers…as a mother of two little ones herself she’s now taking a degree and hopes to work with struggling families…my son wavers back and forth between buying a house in uk like his dad tells him to do or travelling the world like he wants to do…for now he is taking every training opportunity available to him as an HGV driver…he has loads of friends…one from school is now in the marines…whilst my son is anti war when they meet up then it’s as mates…nothing more…

I do feel your pain Jane…I would like for Brexit to be stopped…I would like a second referendum…I would like for labour to be unanimous and cohesive…I would like for the focus to be on the lives of everyday people…you…me…my family…your family…all of us struggling to make ends meet…I don’t agree with any spending that feeds and supports the war machine…

(Peter Goble) #10

I think that’s a fair point of view, Nellie, and if I’m honest I wouldn’t have been terribly sympathetic myself ten years ago. Having visited Spain for budget Ryanair holidays for ten years or so, I had similar views about the expat life abroad, them lobster-red geezers and geezerettes living in boozy costa ghettoes with the Sun to read, Stella Artois lager to guzzle, and fish 'n chips to feed the face every day.

What a snotty snob I was (and likely still am some might think) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::cry::scream::grinning:

(Jane Williamson) #11

Thank you for that Peter.
It is not just my life that is being affected. The programme Money Box highlighted just how worrying and stressful it is for many people and how drastically their lives will be affected should there be no agreement and then a hard Brexit.
From losing jobs to losing health care and the right to live with members of family in other countries, which is the problem facing us in our older age should we lose freedom of movement, this is the possible future for many.
Guy Verhofstadt has said that the British ex pats are being more adversly affected than any other group.
It seems that the hard right are prevailing at the moment and no matter how much we are starting to find out about the funding behind both Leave Campaigns and the illegal use of personal data, the juggernaut that is Brexit rolls on and time is crucial.
Democracy is meant to support peoples’ rights, not steamroller over them.
If you believe that it is ok to roll over and not stand up, be counted and point out to people that there are real life consequences now and not just for future generations and to call so doing “harping on”, I feel very sorry for you.
The EU has kept the peace in Europe for more years than ever before and I count myself as a British European and not just in the geographic sense.
If you do not stand up for others, who will be left when they come for you.

(James Higginson) #12

I ‘harp on’ quite a lot too! If you can’t do that on SF on a brexit related post then where can you?!

(James Higginson) #13

You reminded me of Sexy Beast!

(stella wood) #14

Didn’t say anyone couldn’t do it…

I just gave my personal opinion… and it would be a sad day … if one can’t do that on SF … on any post whatsoever… :thinking::relaxed:

(Michael Archer) #15

Look at all the likes that Stella’s post got don’t you think that she as a point which is supported by more people then who liked yours and Jane’s reply.

(Jane Williamson) #16

Ostriches stick their head in the sand.

(Jane Williamson) #17

Thank you James.
I was drawing peope’s attention to the fact that the BBC thought it fit to highlight the problems that will be faced by a hard Brexit.
I care about these people.

(James Higginson) #18

If ‘likes’ were the perfect metric for policy change then we would all be posting cat videos :slight_smile: :crying_cat_face:

(Nellie Moss ) #19

Jane I don’t think anyone doubts the genuineness of your concern and worries, but sometimes the way you express this , intentional or not ,comes across with a degree of almost aggression that ,to me at least ,detracts from your message

(Michael Archer) #20

They might be more interesting than people who just keep going on and on about Brexit :wink: