UK Pensioners healthcare payments set to continue

(Peter Goble) #21

Mick, I think we should be very careful about inviting cats into the Brexit debates on SFN, as they are well known for their harping-on tactics, which are only rivalled by their leaping-on tactics (laps, fridge-tops, mice, balls of wool, laser-toys), and their proneness to sudden hissy-fits.

And they are greedy for likes, always rubbing people up the right way to get them.

However, if you have some cat videos, or shots of kittens sliding helplessly down hot tin roofs watched by their concerned mums, I’d love to see them. :hugs::grinning:

(Michael Archer) #22

Like the great Winston Churchill said, Cats look down at you and dogs look up to you.
So can we have some dog pics instead please :dog:

(Jane Williamson) #23

Aggression, I am just furious.

(Teresa Shipley) #24

A bit of light relief.

(Ann Coe) #25

Much needed too Teresa, thanks for making me laugh out loud :rofl:

(Teresa Shipley) #26

There are quite a few Simon’s Cat videos. He’s really spot on with his observations.

(Graham Lees) #27

What chance do we stand when Government Ministers admit they know nothing of the importance of thigs political when it comes to Brexit?
Raab admits he did not know of the significance of the Calais/Dover ports which follows the Irish Secretary admitting she knew nothing of the significance of the differences in philosophy between the various NI political parties - significantly the DUP and Sinn Fein?
Little wonder the UK is set to self implode.

(Jane Williamson) #28

Exactly, and when we are supposed to say “No, of course it doesn’t matter that you voted to change my life forever”, it’s not me that has got it wrong.