UK Television

I recently visited friends near Vire in Normandy who had a satellite put in enabling them to have the main UK landline channels. My brother would like to do the same at his holiday home near Gouarec in the Cote D'Armor of Brittany but is there anybody from that region who knows whether this is possible? I seem to remember a discussion a couple of year's or so ago on SURVIVE FRANCE about how it's not so easy these days to pick up UK television and that the internet might be the way to go. I would also like to know this as I am considering buying a house in Brittany myself. Hope I've posted this in the right place?!

Further south it could be a problem but I wouldn't think in Brittany. We are in the Dordogne and certainly have no problems.

Shouldn't be a problem. If in doubt look at the Astra satellite footprint. A 60cm dish will do the job.

Thank you for your early responses. I'll look at that website link for sure Peter.

No problem in the north.We are in Limousin and get it no problem (except for snow)

You can get all the UK channels LIVE and on 'iPlayer' (on demand) on a computer and American CBS on a PC with no dish or aerial or box. You can also legally not pay the Contribution Audio Visuelle if you DON'T watch LIVE transmission television. Your costs are your internet / broadband subscription and the cost of a softward add-on (and a decent computer with decent speakers - we plug ours into a guitar amp!). Works for us, but NO remote control, no channel flipping ... if it is just you and your partner that's fine and you know what you are watching - e.g. sit down for 1 or 1½ hrs to watch a specific program e.g. 'tonight we are watch episode No. 2 of Silent Witness' (end) - but doesn't work for 'watching Telly' in the traditional, family sense as too much hasssle (logging on etc etc).

Our house is in the Aude and we had to have a larger than normal satelite dish installed (upgraded from 80cms to 110cms) to continue getting the full UK channels. But now, we have no problems at all.

The dish does not look intrusive and is attached to the side wall of our neighbours house on an adjoining wall. The only way it can be seen is through a Velux window in our loft room. We also share the satellite dish with the neighbours and neither of us have any problems

Thank you everyone for your welcome advice! Barbara