UK voting for 15year plus leavers?

I thought this was supposed to be granted this summer?

It has received royal assent but requires secondary legislation. So we are waiting for Mr. Inaction man to do something.

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Most 15 year olds seem welded to their phones or games consoles. How on earth are they going to vote??

They’ll wait until they can do it online with a selfie attached…

Actually, I’m showing my age, as apparently most school leavers no longer know how to attach a file., because they don’t use email and when they encounter desktops and stuff like that in an office environment, many become ‘anxious’ - NY Times article a few weeks ago

‘anxious’ ? is that all?
Oh, the poor diddums :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s just the New York kids that are twitchy with (still current) technology.

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Thanks, Mik_Bennett for the answer.

Because, of course, none of us were ever anxious doing new things in our first job. I know I, for one, was bricking it.

Found The Grauniad’s version of the report:-

absolutely. anxious is not much relatively. I forgot my emoji on that I’ll go and put it there now.

I’m a bit waspish currently as dental pain and no ability to find or get to a dentist for approaching 2 years need is beginning to wear me down

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It’s likely more familiarity than intuitive working. Smartphones have a very particular design language and usage pattern that’s highly unintuitive to those not trained to use them. Just a different language. But the design language of many office apps is still around the typewriter, book and spreadsheet. One might expect schools to have given a basic grounding in the use of such, and it’s a ‘surprise’ to find that for some, apparently, they have not.

Just to say, someone starting a new job SHOULD be anxious, at least a bit.

I’d suggest it’s actually a different medium. Creating and handling paper documents was something new for many (although probably less problematic in France were it remains a fundamental necesssity).

Sorry, I do get a bit grumpy when it looks like people are having a go at modern kids having it easy or being a bit delicate. Mostly because it’s utter BS and mostly coming from people who’ve had it relatively easy. I’m not lumping you in that category, just generalising hugely.

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Grovelling apologies for my original reply. I thought you were talking about uk nationals who had left UK for 15 years.

As to whether 15 year olds should be able to vote, I know some 75 year olds that should not be allowed to vote!

OMG. A Poorly composed question has gone wrong. I am trying to find out what has happened regarding the government’s promise to give UK voting rights to émigrés who have lived outside UK for over 15 years.
So, Mik_Bennett, your first reply did answer my intended question …

Have you tried the urgences at the hospitals? They usually can help and many hospitals have dental depts or the equivalent for face/mouth problems.

Ah that old chestnut. Thought the world had gone mad as I presumed it meant school kids voting. Yes maybe wording was a bit ambiguous. As for voting for those of us who left 15 or more years ago, I don’t really have any interest as they are all as bad as each other and educated in lying to the public.

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And so you should. It’s one of the laziest tropes of all and entirely unrepresentative of reality. I’m sure the pushback here if I tried to suggest everyone over 65 was senile, incontinent, technophobic and entirely xenophobic would be quite something to behold, and rightly so because it’s just wrong and insulting, but it does seem like, partly at least because since the beginning of time the younger generations have always been the ones who question and push back against the status quo so it’s an easy way to discredit anything they may do or say, attacking the young as some sort of feeble idiots is entirely ok in society.

I always remember one of the very first episodes of Coronation Street (via my dreaded Media Studies lessons, not because I watched it at the time lol) where a young sprightly Kenneth Barlow was being rubbished by the elders around him because he’d just returned from university and was full of visions of improving his life and not settling for the mundane lot in life they’d accepted. Had a real ‘pathetic delicate boy couldn’t last a day in the mines, all he’s good for is sitting in a classroom’ vibes, just as 60 years later people are saying the same sorts of things.


Mia culpa

I add my support, with understanding for Karen’s dental pain. Lots of people get anxious in jobs, hence occupational psychiatrists.

And there is an epidemic of UK child mental health issues - what with Covid and exams and it looks like they aren’t getting much support.

Anybody have any insights into France children’s position? - I think the Lycees, / Ecoles were not closed as long thanks to a better pandemic management?