UKTelecom cuts off it’s paying customers

This is a bit lengthy, but I thought it was worth letting SF’ers know what was going on (and Cat gave her blessing :blush:)

The sale of UK Telecoms to “UKT” has cut off vulnerable customers, and owners of many Gites are unable to provide internet to their customers - on almost the first day their Gites could re-open after a year!

We were contacted by an elderly expat couple who had been cut off. Because we provide telecoms services in France, they had confused the name of our French telecom business, with That call was followed by many more. This was becoming serious. We like to help people and thought others should know of the problem.

UKT recently told all its customers that in 7 days they would move to Orange, but obviously forgot they were dealing with the French. The unhappy French supplier kept the lines in place but stopped outbound calls and internet services. Then, quelle surprise, the 7-day transfer period first became 14 days, now we’ve been told it’s still over a month away.

Trying to be helpful to a competitor we contacted “UKT” to tell them. They did not even reply. We told UKT customers to contact UKT and ask for reconnection – Nothing changed but we found out why when we looked at the fixed line phone services page on UKT’s web site - they don’t sell any!

We decided the customer must come first and bought forward the opening of our new French comms comparison site for English speakers (“other sites are available :blush:”), and within 7 days we’d already moved some people to direct contracts with real French telecoms companies. Maybe we were lucky or perhaps, after 35 years in telecoms, we know a supplier has obligations to its customers.

You may be one of the second homers leaving the UK to open your French doors for the first time in over a year, blissfully unaware your fully paid-up phone line and internet no longer works. You’ll need to do something. Maybe “UKT” will hear about this and start selling the product you thought you had been buying.


"obviously forgot they were dealing with the French”

ça veut dire quoi! A pretty shitty arrogant comment IMHO. Are you a UKIP member Andrew :rage:

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I have been a UK Telecom customer in France for nearly 20 years. I have enjoyed exemplary service from them on all fronts. I have benefited from 24 hour free calls to all uk landlines for a nominal monthly fee and high quality technical support in 2 languages for my internet use. As I understand it UKT have hit a bump in the road to do with the roll out of fibre optic which has affected other major companies here in France not just UKT.

Ps All billing stopped as soon as the reconnection was not possible.

Welcome to Survive France, that’s a really good advert for UK Telecom services, unfortunately most of us have not had such a good service from them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, they are one of the worst companies I have ever had the misfortune to deal with and I have dealt with a few :wink:.

I was having a good day until I started on this thread. French telecoms make me ill.