Underline text

Run out of ideas.
I see that I can use bold and italics but can someone please put me out of my misery and tell me how to underline text…

Nope…can’t help. Normally Ctrl+U but not here…

Not here either :frowning_face:
I know it xan be done @anon88169868 does it often…

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The forum software recognises a small set of html and BBcode tags so

[u]some text[/u] gives some text

I think this is the only supported style for underline though, the corresponding HTML tag pair <u>…</u> doesn’t seem to work, nor do style attributes.

hello Yippee…:laughing:

Paul - would you mind saying that again in English? :wink:

Simon - if I can follow him - you definitely can - :laughing:

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if you type [u]some text[/u] into your post

It will display as

some text


How did you discover this, Paul ??

well blow me down! :smile:

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I’m sure it’s documented somewhere, but BBcode is supported by quite a few different forum software packages. Discourse isn’t unique to SF though so I might have picked it up somewhere else.

let’s all have an underline party!

Are there any other gems to shre @anon88169868?

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I can’t even workout how to quote someone.

Easy peasy Teresa… just highlight the text in someones post and voila!

Not sure, guess it depends what you tell a gem - as I said a small number of HTML tags are supported, subscript, superscript, HTML codes for special characters eg &gt; for <, <a> tags for links that sort of stuff.

Some of the BBCode in your link works but most doesn’t…

I guess @james would be the final authority on what works and what doesn’t.

superscript and subscript work (<sup></sup> and <sub></sub>)

bold, italic and underline work as noted ([b][/b], [i][/i] and [u][/u])

strikethrough (either <s></s> or [s][/s])

deleted text (<del></del>)

ISTR I’ve managed a few other things, they will probably come back to me at some point, a lot of tags get “eaten” though including colours (which is slightly annoying).

can I join the party too :wink:

Oh yes - blurred text This text will be blurred - [spoiler]…[/spoiler]

I could also swear that HTML title attributes used to work for tooltips but they seem not to.