Underline text

How did you discover this, Paul ??

well blow me down! :smile:

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I’m sure it’s documented somewhere, but BBcode is supported by quite a few different forum software packages. Discourse isn’t unique to SF though so I might have picked it up somewhere else.

let’s all have an underline party!

Are there any other gems to shre @anon88169868?

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I can’t even workout how to quote someone.

Easy peasy Teresa… just highlight the text in someones post and voila!

Not sure, guess it depends what you tell a gem - as I said a small number of HTML tags are supported, subscript, superscript, HTML codes for special characters eg &gt; for <, <a> tags for links that sort of stuff.

Some of the BBCode in your link works but most doesn’t…

I guess @james would be the final authority on what works and what doesn’t.

superscript and subscript work (<sup></sup> and <sub></sub>)

bold, italic and underline work as noted ([b][/b], [i][/i] and [u][/u])

strikethrough (either <s></s> or [s][/s])

deleted text (<del></del>)

ISTR I’ve managed a few other things, they will probably come back to me at some point, a lot of tags get “eaten” though including colours (which is slightly annoying).

can I join the party too :wink:

Oh yes - blurred text This text will be blurred - [spoiler]…[/spoiler]

I could also swear that HTML title attributes used to work for tooltips but they seem not to.

feeling blurry it’s too blurry - I can’t see it

aha, but if I click on where it is blurry (in front of the clear text) - then I can see the blurry

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And if you click on it again when it’s unblurred, it goes blurry again but not so blurry as the first blurry was, and not IMO blurry enough to be called proper blurry.

It all looks blurry to me. Must get some new reading glasses…

I’m not sure if this blurry stuff is such a good idea… I already have black dots darting around in my vision (perfectly safe so I am told)… :upside_down_face:

It’s a three stage process. first click on blurry unblurs. Click again reblurs to semi-blurred. Third click anywhere on-screen restores the original blurry blurry.

Fascinating, no? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:

!reteP dessus ti tog ev’uoy ekil skool tI

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Oh, yeah -

<small>…</small> = small text
<big>…</big> = large text
<ins>…</ins> = “inserted” text
<h2>…</h2> =

heading text

<h1>…</h1> =

larger heading text

Basic table tags work <table>…</table> <tr>…</tr><td>…</td>

Heading 1 Heading 2
Row 1 Col 1 Row 1 Col 2
Row 2 Col 1 Row 2 Col 2
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Yes, hmm, I found an old post where the title attribute worked but even cut and paste from that post did not reproduce the effect so I suspect something has changed in the way the HTML is handled.