Understanding my EDF bill

Hi all, I have just my first bill from EDF, we are not full timers in France but have been carrying out a lot of work on the house. Between espy 2013 and feb 2014 we had used 99 units creases and 211 plainest. Between 18/02/2014 and 10/07/2014 for which period we had been at the house for 8 weeks in total according to there estimate we had used 965 fee uses 1126 plainest. With taxes it comes to €364 for a ten month period. The bit I don’t understand is they now want €69,47 per month for the next ten months a total of €764.17 how do they arrive at these figures. When I was at the house a couple of weeks ago, I fill in the meter reading card and sent it off?. I know it would be better if I read/spoke French but that is still work in progress. Have tried the EDF English help line but no answer.

We know of some people who only use their second home for a few weeks a year who had just had a bill for €1060 which they questioned, had revised and got a new bill for €1060! They are French, so at an advantage compared to you. EDF are genuinely so bad they must have a department just dealing with this issue and rebating people. The solution is only by persisting with them. People on SFN have shown often enough that the English helpline is no real help at all. Get somebody to help you, preferably somebody French, and keep plugging away at them.

Hi Debra, thank you for your reply. I set up a standing order for €20 a month when we bought the house so I had paid them €180 towards the bill. So out of a bill of €364,75 I was left owing €184. Even allowing for adding that to the next years payments, I fail to see how it would come to €764. I wonder how they can estimate the consumption between 19/02/2014 and 10/07/2014 at 965/1126 units used when 05/09/2013 12/02/2014 was 99/211