Understanding my hospital bill!

Hi all,

I have an three invoices from recent treatment as an out patient, two for the hospital I attended (Moissac) for the surgery amounting to 42€ and another for a hospital that I have never attended (Montauban) for "CCAM ACTE TM ATM1" for 115.55€, I haven't a clue what this is for, anyone have any ideas?

CCAM is the list of codes of medical procedures if you down load the CCAM code and look at the acte ( procedure) TM ATM1 you may get your answer. I tried to look, but it said there should be at least 3 digits so perhaps some digits are missing.

as Brian suggests - a visiting consultant or they possible they sent your bloods etc to a different hospital for testing - if you ring then I'm sure someone will explain it

Find out if is for a visiting surgeon, they did that to me in Bergerac a couple of times, it was explained and I got it back anyway.

Have a look at the site ( please help.fr ) They would get to the bottom of it.