Understanding the Titre De Sejour

Hi Everyone,

I have my Titre De Sejour, which gives me 10 years permanent residency as I am married to a French national. However, for personal reasons I need to go back to the UK for a couple of years. Obviously I will move my residency temporarily back to the UK. As we will keep our home in France, which will now be our 2nd home. Does anyone know if I will still have to get a long stay visa to be able to stay in France for more than 90 days out of 180 or will my Titre De Sejour suffice. Any advice welcome.

You can leave for 2 years without loosing residency rights with a standard 10 year CdS, and 5 years if it is a Brexit withdrawal one.

In any case as the married partner of a French person you can easily get a visa longue séjour if you are away for longer.

If you have a permanent card it gives you permanent residency. The 10 years is just the validity of the card, not the right to reside. You can leave France for long periods of time (5 years…?) without losing that right. i.e. you don’t need to worry about any of the restrictions that you mention.

My understanding is that, with a permanent Titre de Sejour, you can be out of France for up to 5 years without it affecting your residency status. Obviously you will be fiscally resident in the UK but your TdS will cover you fine. I’m sure other people will arrive to give you chapter and verse on this!

Oops - my slow typing meant it crossed with others! Jane is absolutely right!

Thank you all so much. It is a pre Brexit Titre De Sejour so I presume I will never need a long term visa? I will just need to renew the card every 10 years and make sure that I do not leave France for more than 5 years.
Is this correct?

I presume I just have to tell either taxman where I am fiscally resident? Ie; where I spend the 183 days per year. Although as the UK tax is April 5th to April 4th and the French system is based on a calendar year, I am not sure how this would work?

NO. If it is a pre brexit CDS then yes you need the visa as the card you have is no longer valid.

I only received my permanent card in June 2021 which was after Brexit under Article 50?

But my residency predated Brexit.

If it’s a withdrawal agreement Titre de Sejour as a result of long standing residence, you have nothing to worry about at all @Maisyday :smiley: (And you have up to 5 years away without affecting anything)

If it says TUE article 50 on it then all is fine.

You will have to do split year treatments with the tax offices in France and the UK. A pain, but doable. Just make sure you keep your travel tickets in case any question of the dates (and keep future ones too to show which country you are spending more time in). May never be necessary, but if asked it will be invaluable.

Thank you soooooo much!