Unhappy Eco Energy Installation - Any Ideas what course of action to follow please

We were convinced at a Foire Expo to buy an AeroThermi Eco Heating system to replace our Oil bolier from a supplier with Siret and logos with RGE and EDF. The system is supposed to work at -20 DegC. They undertook a survey of our property to confirm the order that we agreed. The first installation was undertaken by their engineers who were unfortunately novices. After some forceful phine calls we managed to have their “expert” come and he managed reinstall the system so that he managed to at least work in October. However, we were unhappy within a few days and after not getting any where with their Direction again we wrote a registered letter laying out that the system was not reaching the thermostat. A week ago we had outside temperatures of around 5 DegC here in Dordorgne but the system couldnt reach 16 DegC in the bedroom and 18 Degc in the down stairs rooms. We duly called the SAV and managed to get an appointment to come today. This being shown as 7/7j 24/24h assistance! This engineer confirmed the system was working, not hard when the outside temperature was 13 DegC today! He said that old houses will struggle with this speciifed system. He refused to put it in writing as he would loose his job.

I am going to write another letter. But can anyone at Surive France know the best way to address this problem or have any experience in dealing with this kind of problem. The cost of the system is 5 figures and we have taken out a loan with DomoFinance (who do property improvemn loans) which pay the installer and then start wanting repayments in 6 months time. DomoFinance were the loan company that the supplier use.

Hello, We have had a similar problem. We had a Pompe a Chaleur (Heat Pump) installed, replacing an oil boiler to heat our indoor swimming pool. This was about seven years ago. For ther first five years we were plagued with constant breakdowns, always the same problem, the compressor.
We had five replacement compressors in as many years and the start of 2015 was the last straw.
We took the installers to court and it has taken two years so far, with experts in heating and electrics, being appointed by the court, and of course mounting fees.
However the Court is expected to rule in April and we are hopeful we shall recover all our legal fees, the cost of the heat pump and installation and hopefully the for the loss of amenity and inconvenience and distress.
I’m not suggesting you take this route, but we had exhausted all options.

Thank you Adrian.

Sorry to hear you have had to go to court. At this point I’m interested in knowing if there is any consumer rights trading organisation here in France that can arbitrate on this kind of miss selling. Did you try this route before going via the court?

We were told by the pre sales people that this system would be able to replace our oil fired boiler just to find the reality and this before we enter the cold winter period for th firs time with this new installation.

There are a number of consumer rights organisations in France. If you Google AngloInfo Normandy and then do a search for “Consumer Rights”, you’ll find a number of groups you can approach.
We ased our Lawyer her to handle our case, because he has done stuff for us in the past and has been successful.