University increase for Non-Europeans

Thankfully, those already with a place, will not have to pay the extra … but I’m left wondering about British kids here, en route to University after Brexit… ???

Still, when you consider that international students going to UK universities typically pay tuition fees of around £16,000 a year or more…

I am wondering about Brit families who are already here , Anna… :thinking: possibly another unexpected expense…

If the kids are already in the educational system / in higher education and / or families are in a legit situation, then this won’t apply to UK nationals post Brexit.
Phew and thank you France!

that is great news Cat… .I wasn’t sure if they had to already have started at Uni… :upside_down_face: but tots (not already in school) will come a cropper won’t they ??

No they should still be ok if they have been in the French education system for At least 2 years and at least one parent is a French tax payer.