Unsubscribing from this site

I've recently joined this forum, but ever since my email inbox is awash with what is basically junk mail to me,......and I can't find how to stop this ...or leave the site for good (it's that bad).

Can anyone give me any pointers....the emails are appearing as fast as I can delete them !


Click on settings below your own name in the box on the right of the main page, you will see a box with tabs above it, click on the tab marked subscriptions, below you will see a list of discussions in which you participate: click on unfollow so you don't get notifications by email.

I sympathise with you Robert.

Looking at your profile, I notice that the only thread (other than this one) you have contributed to in the dreaded Brexit one which has generated a massive amount of comment and, you should know, that when you contribute to a thread the system automatically sends you notifications from that moment on unless, as Veronique says, you elect not to have them.

An alternative is to select the thread, go to the initial post, and select "Unfollow" which will achieve the same objective.