Unwanted kitten chucked through window

Why do folk behave like this with kittens, pups, whatever…

anyway, nice to have a story with a happy ending…

A happy ending but I can never understand why people do this type of thing. If you have an animal the responsible thing to do is to have it sterilised to stop producing kitties or puppies. :rage::rage:

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what sort of person literally chucks an animal away … beyond me…


To the french there are just too many animals/pets.
During our 2 years renting, our neighbour had a collection of rescue animals, one was a fluffy 2 year old cat that was pregnant, she adopted us.
She arrived at her time, the neighbour told us to give the cat a carboard box and when the kittens were born she would drown then for us.
This was a shock, so we said no and made pens and bedding for the new family.
There was a total of 5, so later we put an annonce in Intermarche, two kittens went to a good home, 12 years later we still have 3, our lives revolve around our cats, we used to take them on holiday etc.
The attitudes are like chalk and cheese.
The answer of course is sterilisation which we have done, but it is expensive.

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