Unwanted neighbours......very difficult situation

People we know in Brittany have been to see the property

which their friends are completing on in Oct and their friends

are based in Liverpool and just gave them the adress to

take a look from the outside.

To the dismay of our Brittany based friends they related the following...

Parked just by the side of the entrance to the house were several

cars and temporary forms of living space....plus a number of people.

The house seemed to be protected by iron bars at the windows....like

you see in Spanish homes.

But what was,apparant to these people was that the electrical supply had

been tapped in order to extract electricity from the house

to the people parked outside.

Feeling that this may not be a perfect situation....MAYBE

WITH an ongoing prob....SHOULD the new purchasers be

advised? What can be done to make sure all is ok?


Thank you

Yes it is clear that EDF need to know....that is if the current owners wish for that to happen.

Otherwise does it need to wait untill the half way Purchasers are in command and in misery.

No question marks involved in my message but a big question for the immobilier....

Gypsies looking at what the word means....ACCORDING TO A DICTIONARY;

Nomad and with non confomal life style......More or less.

Now we know that we shoulld not...MUST not speak about others in relation to their

differencies in a racialist manner.

But people who cause others misery by living in other peoples properties, destroying

property which belongs to others and taking what does not belong to them they do not need

a title they need to conform .

Maybe we can not all be as free as a bird and do what we like....WHEN we like...WE have to

think of others.

Sorry Brian.

EDF are generally very hot on this issue. I used to work at an office opposite and official caravan-based-Romany-traveller-or-whatever-you-are-allowed-to-say encampment.

There was a junction box just outside on the road with something like 50 different cables coming out of it leading to as many caravans/motorhomes.

EDF cut the cables about 3 or 4 times. When the engineer left, they would just break open the junction box again and plug in.

After a while EDF got so fed up of this that they sent in a team and removed the junction box entirely.

James, quite right. Add the mairie to the list and try to 'coordinate' gendarmes and EDF in the case of it being theft of electricity.

However, don't call them gypsies please, that is not said by Barbara and the assumption is highly prejudicial. Whether they are Roma or not, the word gypsy is not actually very pleasant like when 'manouche' is often used and ultimately inflames racialism.

The first thing to do is contact EDF to get them to put a stop to the illegal electricity leeching.

EDF will be all too happy to do this.

As for the gypsies themselves, if they are on public land not a lot can be done.