Up To The Gills

‘Twas Edward Johnston who was deemed to be the Designer and Typographer for the London Underground ephemera, the most noted of which was the Underground Map Schematic.

Clearly the very lack of ‘Serif‘ gave rise to this Typeface’s excellent legibility. It is often said that the serif was ‘best used‘ for body copy, and it is the Serifs that guide the eye along a line of text. The typeface called Johnston Sans in which the ‘o’ is virtually ![](upload://q5jy0MXt83R5lQ1QbmSYOeGmkA6.jpg)a perfect circle, which led to the creation of the Underground logo. Johnston proved to be a great influence on Gill, an architect/sculptor associate.

His motif can be found here http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/london-tube-logo.html it’s by Mike McGrath, and it shows exactly how effect a logo and it’s component parts can be gleened froma well desgined Typeface. Here are a few samples of Gill in Action...more to follow![](upload://qc4ecRMfYEX0iuHsiEsKanCLY02.jpg)![](upload://mDwjbjewbpRjAd0qlMNjIjHJAXA.jpg)![](upload://iI8CyCE2CcLOh2Xjo5ivdSVAVO9.jpg)![](upload://34YN5hzOUdhqvppJiRQSr7Qg0nU.jpg)![](upload://ftRkcyf8R68LCfRrgY8JNspGcQz.jpg)![](upload://5wAJaSY25d8zlVXhhS14tffNObc.jpg)![](upload://l9qRAzobZzsokRijpBEPwLsJysq.jpg)![](upload://61tXT3fIzz5QmFbUEYj0e1olZxA.jpg)![](upload://poS5ChPgGu3wAmY8YOU7p3xRCZA.jpg)![](upload://zZkM6OLgw6WFMTiICR25htfVSk2.jpg)![](upload://oiDkTFyTFAvrd0g1mXc3gNNCMqo.jpg)![](upload://8Jrc0bbqdwM6eslNAQ6nRNcDjfD.jpg)![](upload://nfsRlMRhlMXeTAw6XJXdo1pzhAE.jpg)

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Hi James, can't do any logos at the mo someone's had me computer away! It's ok I have a spare. Thank you so much for your comments. FYI I am officially starting trading very soon, I say officially, the samples shown are from competition entries (about a thousand ) But I would love to have a speculative look at what you need. 2 problems, I'm still a bit vague as to the post come commercial angle vis a vis SFN regs and as important, Neil Whitehead, whom you will know, is a great designer and artist, and a member of long standing. I'm a bit 'bull in a China shop' newbie at the present, so I don't want to put anyone nose out. But assuming its in order I would like to see what I could do. I would need sight of the sites and a deft brief. The above are all Inkscape Vectors, so are fully expandable, these are .png files but I can save to PDF .eps and at a push a .jpeg. I use .png for my own sites. Thanks by the way.