Update on the Murder of my Neighbour Jerome Laronze, Farmer and Cattle Breeder

More information has come to light via the Journal of Saone-et-Loire and I am publishing it here so that those who doubted my account of the part played by the Cluny Gendarmerie can see that, in reality, it was even worse than previously portrayed.

I knew Jerome well as he rented land adjacent to ours and he helped us rescue our now dog from being shot by our neighbouring farm because it was cheaper than paying for the SPA. He brought his nieces to tea with us on several occasions so that they could see and play with Leah.

On February 28th, 2020 the Court Administrative of Dijon deemed irregular the checks carried out on his cattle by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations on June 4 2015, June 6, 2016 and June 22 2016.

The Prefecture on which the DDPP depends has not appealed against this decision.

Marie-Pierre Laronze an Avocat and sister of Jerome had chosen to denounce, at the judicial level, the visits of the DDPP in particular because “the military presence (the checks had been carried out in the company of gendarmes) was only intended to put on unacceptable pressure on Mr Laronze”.

“You know the gendarmes were there all the time when there were these irregularities” adds Marie-Pierre Laronze. “They will have to answer for it too”.

The gendarme, presumed author of the fatal shots was indicted for “violence with the use or threat of a weapon resulting in death without intention of giving it”.

Additional letters rogatory were demanded for non-assistance to a person in danger as well for the
pollution of the scene of the tragedy took place.

The name of this gendarme has never been released to the general public.

This is an appalling abuse of power and has left our neighbours, the whole village of Trivy and the farming community here appalled at the conduct of those who are supposed to be upholders of the law.

That is so awful :pensive:

Exactly, and if it could happen here it could happen near to you as well.

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