Updated rules for pet travel out of UK after Brexit


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This is welcome news - I’m surprised it hasn’t been more widely reported.

This information hasn’t changed. I asked our vet yesterday, he said it’s not a problem going into the UK (nothing has changed), its whats needed for the return to France tgats unclear.

I am not clear though when reading the website. So for taking your dog into the UK (ie returning to the UK) you need:

There will be no change to the current health preparations for pets entering GB from 1 January 2021.
Your pet must have one of the following documents when returning to GB from the EU:

  • an EU pet passport (issued in the EU, or in GB before 1 January 2021), or a pet passport from a Part 1 listed third country
  • the AHC issued in GB used to travel to the EU – which you can use up to 4 months after it was issued
  • a GB pet health certificate (for travel into GB only)

What is a GB pet health certificate ???

Want to return to UK for a week in November and take our dog. We did have a UK passport and had to pay for new forms. The dog has not long had her rabies injection and bloods all well. However due to lockdown she passed the date to travel and had a booster and bloods again. We now want to get Fr passport as live here now and wondering if her rabies is valid in France and what to do for passport ? Wondering if anyone has rtn to UK recently Thanks