Upholstery, etc

I am new to the Dordogne. I’m looking for an upholsterer in the Limeuil area and also someone to clean heavy drapes. Any recs would be much appreciated. LW.

No recs, but just list of possibilities


For cleaning drapes (curtains?) ask your nearest chateau!

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I will be interested in any replies because you are not far from me and I have a couple of reclining chairs with a terrible sag because of the poor state of the underlying straps. :smiley:

I have contacted M. Lionel Suave in Le Bugue and I will let you know how it goes!


We used to have a very useful chap not too far away… he would re-do car seats, soft-tops and whatever… absolutely all the internal upholstery for cars and also repairing seats for ride-on mowers etc etc…

We found him “by word of mouth”. He was described as a “sellier” … wonderful chap, so sad he’s retired…

However, for anyone wanting upholstery work… and finding this thread…
looking under “sellier” might widen the results… just a thought.

Particularly if you have horses :joy:

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We used that chap for years… never a horse in sight… only horse-power :wink:
some lovely cars used to be parked in his field. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you. :grinning:

Traditionally “selliers” are saddlers, making and repairing saddles. So they work primarily with leather and similar heavy materials. We have one near us who seems to have branched out into pimping motorbikes seats and sidecars. Some of course may also have expanded to deal with fabric but I would have thought needs different techniques and equipment.

:rofl: :rofl: pimping" :rofl: :rofl:

Sellier Automobile is a recognised profession.
Our one certainly worked with leather… (old cars didn’t know about synthetics :wink: )

Selliers peut se spécialiser dans différents domaines tels que la fabrication de selles pour chevaux, la fabrication de sièges pour voitures, la fabrication de ceintures, la fabrication de sacs à main, etc.

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That had me laughing too. Perhaps a little typo, a missing ‘r’ perhaps, might make it sound better. :joy:

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Nonono pimping your motor (or yo motor) is a thing:

I call it tarting up but hey.