Uploading files

Me again...I have been sent a file to translate (CODE_POSTAL_-_2012-10-26.xlsx), usually I copy the text and paste it into a word doc but this client wants it done in the same format and then the finished trans uploaded in xlsx format. I can open the file and can probably translate content in that format but have no idea how to upload my version. Would I need special software and if so, is it available free?



Hi Steve,

Yes, there is some proof-reading and copy-writing work Eng to Eng if you follow this link I get a bit of commission http://eu.textmaster.com/?pid=4d676e4429e1677e0e000017 . You have to submit a test piece of work and if they accept you then Bob's your uncle!

Ah, that then is likely to be a question that only someone else who is registered could guide you. I've had a quick look around the FAQs but there is no real information on how registered users operate the site.

Sorry - don't think I can help you much on this.

Out of interest I see they are looking for authors, is this also including people who would re-write articles in the original language (i.e. English to English) as my translation skills are just about zero - but I do seem to be able to proof-read and correct to a reasonable standard.

Hi Steve, Yes, I am registered with Textmaster but usually I copy the text and paste it into a wondow on Textmaster but I assume with this type of file I have to paste a link to the translated file....excuse me for being thick!! I haven't started the trans cos I don't want to start if I can't then upload it!

So the gist of your questions is how to upload the Excel file back to the client's cloud storage once you have completed it? I see that the file comes from textmaster.com which is a site that seems to be an agglomeration of translators - is it that you are a member textmaster? If so then the ability to upload to it ought to be known to you.

Unless I'm mis-interpreting your question, if so please clarify for me.

As far as working the file, you mention that you would normally utilise Word, this is part of MS Office (or can also be done using other free office packages such as LibreOffice) in which case I would expect you to have the appropriate software to open/edit/write the file.