Urgent advice needed, please

We have a young friend who has a second home here in France but who is currently still based in the UK. She and her husband have just split up and he is beginning to get slightly awkward now that divorce is definitely on the horizon. The house, here in the Creuse, is in her name only. Does anyone know whether he has any rights over it?

I'm really hoping that someone with knowledge or experience in these matters can offer some advice.

Thanks for your response, Ben. I'm hoping that there may be someone on the forum who has been in the same position, and who can let me know what experience they had.

Depends on the mariage contract they have. If it's community of goods (by contract or lack of a contract then he's entitled to half of the assets that are in her name (and vice versa) It get's more complicated when an actual prenuptial contract has been drawn up....

The French law normally doesn't pose a problem if the divorce is pronounced in a foreign country and respects the decision in the divorce ruling (unless its blatantly unjust according to French laws)