Urgent! Blogger in English wanted - Montpellier

Montpellier CCI are looking for someone to undertake a couple of days work a week to assist with the online promotion of an event. Some days can be spent working from home.

Pay will be minimal but the position might appeal to a student or someone looking for good social media experience.

For more details email marilor.fb@facebook.com or marielaurevie@gmail.com

I think my CV is as varied as your Ron, perhaps not quite as long but varies from Naval Officer and Uni lecturer/translator etc to blacksmith, copper, insurance sales, estate agent and from sept onwards buraliste...! Yes, necessity is the mother of invention and adaptability is something very precious. I like your future ideas, can see where you're going ;-)

Hi Andrew... traded through three recessions in my time... depressing!!! I've been a dustman ( refuse collection operative ), washed a lot of plates down in New Orlèans, bin a Chairman of a Company....sold Betterwear door to door....labourer....paste up boy, Art Director, yo yo style career!!! I do think tho' necessity in the Mother, 5 years back a 60k a year SEO exec was unheard of...for example... for budding start ups, I would recommend eco de-salination... or reed bed technology.... domestic eco systems.. frick Graphics ...who needs that! lol

@Ron, heady days eh, I had a series of not very good jobs where I was "cutting my teeth" and by the time I was ready for action it was the recession of the early 90s!!!

@ Andrew Hearne do forgive me for openly 'going back' to the olden days...I guess I miss it! we were very lucky it was the 80s and the studios were Swindon, frankly you couldn't go wrong... all the blue chips had relocated there, central position, ready work force etc. Huh, a little 2 man Design Partnership 'the Titanic Design Company' grew rapidly into a multi facetted full service agency the IMC group..second largest in billing terms in the region.. still really proud.... and in those days you wrote into the Contract that employees were expected to do unpaid overtime 'on request' and yet there was a company loyalty and keenness that you just can't buy!... loved it!

Having said that...one man and his Mac, can now do what it took 30 to accomplish in those days..although we did have typesetting, drive-in Photography studios etc. I guess also today the marketplace is Global and overheads zilch.. but then it would be more competitive nowadays I guess. In those days, I don't remember a slack period in 7 years..in fact lore often than not there was no time to formulate Quotes....we were always trusted to meet the deadlines and invoice on completion... that's 'good business' lol

Happy days indeed Ron, how things change - it must be pretty miserable doing the rounds touting for a job nowadays :-(

Hi, it all sounds a bit strange here! You know this area well Andrew and the fact that Seasonal work is the norm, I have heard some horror stories about some employment practices. Back to my last comment, I remember we had a guy ( qualified ) turn up in reception unannounced 'gis a job!'

We were manic at the time, probably 30 bods, OK boy grab a scalpel ( paper page assembly, not surgery! ) must have been a week before I knew his name!!! Richard Haworth! spitting image of a early Mick Hucknall ( head on back to front ) turned out to be masterful 'technical illustrator' wow was he mustard... the airbrush King! we were doing a lot of work for Renault, Marconi, WH Smith at the time... sales of a mind boggling 3 mill, anyway he ended up Studio Manager on 10k probably the equivalent of 30k today, and stayed some 10 years... God that takes me back.

He was a great guy, I only lost contact a few years back, and I do remember giving him free board and lodge for a few years. He was heavily into Conan the Barbarian...we called him Colin the Barbarian...happy daze!

yes Ron, it's often the best way into a job. the uk has a healthier outlook at stage, here they're not just a holiday work experience but almost every higher education course has a stage if not one each year - all courses taught at the IUT where I work have a stage each year of up to 3 or 4 months. It's become such a problem amongst young people who end up doing several years, yes years of stage before getting a job that the government have recently introduced a law forcing companies to pay long term stage (over 14 weeks from memory). it's all a bit daft here for youngsters!

Hi Andrew, interesting! Not uncommon a practice in the UK, as you know, but at least there was a structure with teacher's arranging placements. When I was trading, we often took on students for the holiday periods for the Studio and on more the one occasion they would end up with a permanent position, several achieving a management position and staying with the firm for many years.

A career in the design industry was, and probably still is, notoriously difficult to get off the ground, the proverbial... do you have experience? conundrum.

Ha, if I were younger I would be approaching you with a partnership proposition. I always fancied the idea of setting up a 'virtual' agency, so much more feasible nowadays.

Ron, unfortunately it was the standard French way of getting some free work out of someone - they just wanted a pretty well qualified student who was looking for an unpaid stage. They didn't even reply to my email back in October...!

Hi Annette, not a serious request unlike AHs, but can you advise, this poition would be as a Freelance, not part time empoyee?

Hi Andrew - thanks!

I coukd be interested, I worked for the CCI in Rodez for a few years and translated the tourism aveyron's website... it'd all come down to pay: if they're paying their standard freelance formateur/vacataire rate then I'm in if they're interested. I can work from home in the Aveyron and have a place near Pézenas if they need me in Montpellier.

Will send an email ;-)