Urgent Help Please. Tax des Impots

(Paule Maria Hall) #1

I am completing my Declaration des Impots on line for the 3rd or 4th time but for the first time without a paper declation to refer to. Try as I may I cannot find the correct box(es) to declare UK interest and UK dividends. Any help would be much appreciated!

(Dick Smith) #2

8TR on the main form

(Paule Maria Hall) #3

No problem. Thankyou for taking the time out to help.

(Shirley Morgan) #4

Sorry Paule, whole reply got muddled swopping from one of my forms to the other, which are copies of this years online Dec not made by me personally. when I tried to edit my reply to you, but hope you could make some sense of it!

(Paule Maria Hall) #5

Thanks for your reply

(Paule Maria Hall) #6

Thanks very much for your comprehensive reply. As I said I am doing my Dec on=line, but your reply has provoked me to find what I think is the correct box which i will complete before Tuesday's deadline.

(Shirley Morgan) #7

Depends, whether you are declaring Pension, working income, interest on Dividends or interest etc., and I’m assuming you understand the French language.

Do form 2047 - DEClaration l’Etranger first.

page 1, Part 1. Has 3 parts.
Page 2, Part 1 I’m not sure!
Page 2, Part 2A for DIVIDENDS…
2B other income
page 3, - self explanatory.
page 4 V - top of page for non salaried professionals - the 3 parts of that you will see define professional source of income - declare as necessary.

The following parts ie. V1 and V11, hopefully are self evxplanetary to you.

I arived as a retiree so much doesn’t apply to me and I’m just looking the forms completed by my Asst Soc. here.

Carry your totals forward to form 2042 K pages 3 and or 4 as applicable.

Hope it helps a little.

Totals of 2 A+B+C…

…Carry totals forward to PAGE 1 on form 2047DECLARATION DES REVENUS A ETRANGER.

  • part 1 with 3 parts, for a) salaries , b) pension and or rental income from property.

are you declaring pension, working income, or interest dividends. I have my Paper form here
Page 2 - IV

Page 4
Form 2042K - Dec PREREMPLIE
De larTion

(Helen Laziou Roger) #8

I'm not sure if there is a problem with the site/online declaration as try as I might I couldn't access where I had to declare my small income as a vdi (despite it all having been declared every quarter to ursaff) not much help but I ended up printing off the annexe form and doing a paper declaration. Even though the official deadline has passed you can still do a paper version. When I first met my French husband he had never filled one in himself (having been rattaché to his mother's declaration) I ended up doing one for him 6 months after the deadline