Urgent help required with vehicle insurance

I am desperatley trying to find insurance for my Isuzu pick up, can anyone tell me who can provide full time insurance for my car.

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Suggest you contact @fabien who may be in a good position to help.
Look under the banner «affiliates» above and choose «insurance».

Is it french registered? If it is there should be no problem at all. Every town has at least one insurance agent or bank.
If it is not then you will only get a month at a time (for a couple of months anyway) until it is correctly registered.

Ahh thank you mark, thats the problem I am having, my car is UK registered and I have not yet got round to French registration.

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You need to get it registered. You should declare the import at your tax office within 15 days & register your vehicle within a month. You will not get a knock on the door at 3 am if you are a bit late though.
Obviously your UK insurance is a concern as UK companies do not usually provide cover for french residents.
I don’t know what your pick-up is like but from the beginning of this month 5 seat pick-ups became subject to the malus tax. A customer took their time to register their 2016 model so instead of the registration tax costing 500 euros it will now cost them 5300 euros.

Thanks for your help Mark, all sorted.