Urgent - Missing dog - Please share!

I'm posting this on behalf of a good friend and SFN member Martin Sheach as he is away at the moment.

Nearly two weeks ago, Martin and Ann's eight month old border collie bitch Millie went missing.

Subsequent inquiries strongly suggest that she has been stolen. Another collie bitch of around the same age has also disappeared from the area. Martin has registered her as missing and you can see all the details here

Please, please share this with all your friends and contacts. Someone somewhere must know where Millie is and it would mean the world to Ann and Martin if she can be found.

An update for little Lily - I took some posters to St Mathieu yesterday and approached every dog walker I could see (so hopeful, lovely animal people).

Lily was 'dropped off' at her owner's front door last night.

I truly hope that some kind hearted soul can do that for Millie as well.

Please could I add an additional 'lost poster' - this poor little girl has been missing for weeks.