URGENT - Need tanalised wood fencing planks

Hi all. I’m near St Jory de Chalais, nr Thiviers, La Coquill. Need to know places that sell tantalised wood fencing planks and posts, need 1 x 6/8/10 inches. Brico Depot in Trelissac don’t have a great choice. Can anyone suggest anywhere around this area - from Trelissac, Nontron, up to Limoge. Bit desperate, so any help greatly appreciated.

And presume you can hire concrete mixers from builders merchants? Or anywhere else?


I have bought all my fencing wood online from virenbois. They deliver.

Thank you. Could you possibly post the link. I’ve just googled it up and got nothing.

Sorry it was my spelling!


You can hire mixers try googling location materiel BTP. However the hire charges are quite steep and you might well find it cheaper to buy a mixer. Keep it clean and you’ll probably get a reasonable price for it.

Thank you for the advice. Maybe even buy one and rent it to people for a acceptable rate! :wink:

Thank you.

I’ve just looked at a spruce plank. 407.59 Euros each??? :frowning: It will cost me about 30,000 Euros to build a small fence! :open_mouth:

I would check that. I have used them regularly over the years and have always been very pleased with their quality and prices. The only problem that I’ve experienced was that the lorry delivering was too big to reach my house but that was easily sorted. I have a beautiful fence over 32 metres long that cost less than your plank!

This is the first page - long planks admittedly but still. Douglas pine (thick) 613 Euros each!
Haven’t looked at it all yet but have also found someone who can order it locally for me so probably cheaper. I am having a alternate layered plank solid fence so will need a fair amount of planks. Which wood did you use for your fence?

I think you are looking at the wrong page, the wood at 600 euros is 10 x 40 cm and 13 metres long. That’s serious construction timber, not fencing.

Thanks Mark. Still trying to translate my way around the site. Will keep looking. Still sounds expensive :wink:

Like with so many things you get what you pay for. I wanted to use good quality materials for my fence because I don’t want to redo it again in 10-12 years. The effort that went into its construction justified buying other than bargain basement raw materials. Each to his own but for many things I will go for quality over bargain prices every time.

Look at the “Clotures” page, different types of fencing and posts

Thank you