URGENT - Personal insurance

Twice in one day you've helped Tracy! Thank you. We have just done our annual bills/spending - took us two days by the time we remembered everything. Then the main computer (which has been giving trouble for some time) looks like it is about to shuffle off this mortal coil, the car insurance is due end of month, and just realised the controle technique is due to be done in May. So, as Catharine instructed, "panic not" but ............

He is talking about civil liability insurance which is compulsory for everyone to have, don't worry, it's not expensive, it's in case anyone has an accident in your house. For your lessons and so on, you need professional liability insurance for the same reason but this wont be covered by the 'civile' as they are there for professional reasons. For example when I was only guiding my professional liability insurance was about 12 euros a month. Have a look at La Poste auto-entrepreneur assurance for an on line comparison.

Ah, thanks hon. Am anxious enough as it is, having spent money on yarn and have been knitting and crocheting non-stop for the last 3 weeks, all for the Marché de Producteurs on 12th May. xx

Very briefly - find out exactly what you want / want to pay for etc etc tomorrow and then am sure we can find you a better deal online. Panic not! xx