Urgent question for Pau residents

Hi everyone! We’ve found a furnished place to rent for the year, but in one of the photos the real estate agent sent us it looked as though there is a construction project going on across the street. I’m going to be writing a book while we are living in Pau, so I don’t want to be listening to construction noise all day.

Would it be possible for any of you to wander by and have a look at the status of that construction? The unit is on rue Louis Lacaze. (You can see the SeLoger listing at http://bit.ly/kXsfY6 . It looks like the street only runs for one block, so it should be pretty clear about the construction site opposite.

I’m also attaching a couple of photos. On one of them you can see the construction crane on the right hand side. The other seems to show a construction site across the street.


Thanks Catherine!

Totally - Happy to help if you find somewhere like that x

Thanks Catharine. I wasn’t sold on it, but, oddly, my husband was. But now that we’ve realized about the construction, he’s agreed that it is not ideal. He just liked the idea of getting something furnished, since we’ll only be there for a year. But I figure we can buy cheap furniture and ditch or re-sell it at the end of our year.

I"ve found out that the construction is the new “mediatheque qui est en cours d’achevement”. Not a place we want to spend our year. We are looking at a few unfurnished places. How hard is it to rent/get a parking space if you live in the centre of town and the apartment doesn’t come with parking?


Hopefully someone can help with a walk past. The only thing I would say is that having looked at the pics, you might find the apartment a bit claustrophobic due to the windows. Just my thoughts! Cx