Urgent Warning for Small Businesses selling Internationally

Hi there,

I know many of you here already struggle with the increasingly non entrepreneurial policies of the French government but I thought I would alert you to the scandalous new postal cost increase, in many cases x4 for shipping Internationally.

I don't know about you but in raising the cost by +230% and forcing us to ship by colissimo - I will basically have to close my two businesses. The worst possible start to 2015.

There is a petition that I urge you to sign, I can only hope that this stupid decision can be reversed.


Thanks for spreading the word!

Ruth Ribeaucourt



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Just wanted to add an update.

I am meeting with my La Poste pro account manager, who was unaware of the exact price increase and is now dealing with a lot of frantic professional clients. If it is of interest I can post any info I have here in this forum just let me know?

Also for anyone affected there is a good discussion on the French etsy site.