Urgently need to speak to French gite / B&B owner

Morning all -
I’m urgently trying to find a gite / B&B owner who’d be happy to talk about what the British are like on holiday. The only caveat is that the person must be French.
If you are a French B&B chambre des hôtes / B&B owner or have a friend who is, please get in touch asap. Thanks!

Hello Cat,
I’m French and fluent in English.
My husband and I ran a B&B for 5 years near Bordeaux.
We now look after 2 gites.
What is it you need to know?

Thanks for the response - will send you a pm

yep !

Just a little off topic but thought that I would mention this …
American clients placed swimming clothes in my dryer…and left them for more than five hours.
The weather outside in the garden was perfect…they would have dried in an hour.
Do your gite guests put their dirty dishes in the dish washer without rincing the dishes…or at least scrapping the food off them…ouch,
Are the sheets stained with foot prints and sun oil?