Urssaf and assurance maladie

Hello i work in france sincer 2010 and i worked for a company with 13-15 empoyers . Wen i arrived i was asked for a copy of my identity card , and next day i have started working no contract nothing was given to me. Payments were done from to compani with virament bancar i was thinking its normal . In 2014 i had cdi contract after 4 years first contract in my hands . In 2015 i got sick some back problems , i ask my emplyer what is wrong i have no card vital nothing i just had a ss what was with 79… not normal any way . He serched for a doctor who speaks english i was there arret maladie and so xrays . Wen i went to assurance maladie i have asked the lady what SS i need to writhe the one from my contract or the one i have receved from them , she told me to writhe the one i receved recently and that i shoud go to urssaf to see that is wrong. After a short time i receved the answer that 2014 i have 7000 euro income in 4 months since my cdi contract has started " nothing in 2015" i have receved the same day from assurance maladie my new ss it was not the same like the one from the contract . After i some time i receved a paper from assurance maladie form my refound medicin and xrays and paiments for my days off nothing ,assurance maladie told me that attestation salarial is missing , in case my employer refuse to sent it i have to go to ploud’homme . So after one year 2017 of tribunal and complications i ask for a nother paper from urssaf and al off my papers are just 2014 were paid after one month i send a nother one to urssaf 2015 2016 are paid , my question is how dose urssaf or assurance maladie allows my employer to do paiments if i am in tribunal with him ? On amelie.fr its says that in case your employer dose not send the attestation salarial you shoud go to tribunal and assurance maladie will over taxe for the delais 50 per day ,my paiments for the sick days in 2015 was lost and in 2016 for 40 days i have receved 900 euro , and my employer send my attestation salarial for 2015 for last 6 moths to prove that i work legal but the paiments were done in 25/07/2016 and after i receved the money for just 40 day 900 is it normal ? And in 2010 2014 that happend ? In still dont understand