URSSAF Attestation de Versement

Recently, and quite out of the blue, I have received an Attestation de Versement in relation to our payments during 2015 for our CMU membership of the French state healthcare system. Does anyone know for what purpose these documents are sent out, and what, if anything, I am supposed to do with it ?

Yes --- I had thought that I probably should not use it to light the fire for ten years or so. I had just wondered if I am supposed to enter details from it onto a tax form, bearing in mind the time of year that it has arrived. Receiving it just took me by surprise a bit, as although I have paid CMU cotisations for a number of years, this is the first time that I have ever received this yearly receipt.


If I can add a word to Andy's response, Attestation de versement is an official document that proves you have paid your professional tax.

You have to keep it with you in case of control from the URSSAF people.

That's why the room we use to store our documents in France, is the largest of the house :)

It's proof of what you've paid and you need to keep it, like all documents in France ;-)