Hello All,
Has anyone else had an email from URSSAF asking for chiffres for Jan 18 even though they normally pay RSI? I pay every three months, via the site net enterprise, which calculates my cotisations and the payment disappears automatically from my dedicated bank account. I do hope that the system has not changed as I have really just got used to this one! Can I no longer do this and do I therefore need to set up an espace client for the URSSAF site?

All comments/advice really appreciated.

Bonne année


RSI no longer exists, or soon won’t. The changeover is supposed to be being made as seamless as possible so hopefully nobody will need to set up new accounts or re-input bank info or anything. I think I read that the netentreprise site would continue to operate as usual (hope so, specially since it’s only just been revamped!). Netentreprise never was specific to RSI in any case, it’s a multifunction web portal.

Some info here

and you’ll find plenty more if you google, the suppression of the RSI has been well covered by the French media.

Many thanks Anna,

I had read a little bit about this in terms of RSI. I successfully upload my figures for last trimestre so will attempt to do the same in March and see how I go! Fingers crossed. If not I will pop into the office.