US foreign policy since the inspirational Marshall plan

Cause chaos and run away…

An analysis / commentary here:

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Wow, I could hardly find a single word or phrase of that with which I would disagree. I have long believed that foreign interference should be reserved strictly for defence and, as an extention of that, Britain, never mind the USA, might not have become embroiled in either of the so-called World Wars.

The USA entered WW1 because of the Lusitania sinking and subsequent outcry, (am I wrong in thinking that I read somewhere she may have been carrying armaments?) and WW2 because of Pearl Harbour. In other words, considered herself attacked.

For Britain it was the ludicrous defences of Belgium and Poland, neither of which directly threatened her liberty. It may well have been that had Churchill not attained supremacy, she might have remained neutral as both Spain, Portugal and also Ireland did. If the calculation was wrong, and Hitler did after all have the desire to conquer, the delay would have been beneficial to the preparedness of the country.

Being faced with really nasty people should not require nations to become embroiled at the expense to life liberty and treasure of their citizens. It is sufficient to welcome the resultant refugees with open arms.