US Wildlife Parks no longer a haven?

They are also going to allow people to kill hibernating bears and endangered wolves.

He manages to sink to new depths just about every day.

Payback time I’m afraid. Those who put him in power (farmers, hunters, coal companies, steel companies and the NRA etc) all want something for their suppport.

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Does the report say which ones are to be used? Apparently the EU has approved the use of 3 types of neonicotinoid pesticides. Though in fairness I know little about it. If its on par with what the EU sanction for use it would seem less of a story maybe. Does the BBC report inform on this?

Edit make that 5

The aim was to use zero pesticides/chemicals in the Wildlife Parks…even if some were still used elsewhere. (comparatively reasonable). This is what Trump has overturned… to the detriment of the Wildlife Parks…

Obviously, the ideal would be to use zero pesticides/chemicals everywhere… :relaxed::relaxed: Can’t see Trump allowing that… :pensive:

No carte blanche for any nasty chemicals to be sprayed just yet. From what I read the blanket ban has been overturned and now mirrors closely what exists in the EU.

I am frustrated by the lack of balanced reporting from the BBC but it serves up the usual guff many crave :zipper_mouth_face::innocent:

Is there anything good about spraying pesticides that are harmful to bees and other insects… .in a Wildlife Park… where they are trying to conserve/preserve nature… :open_mouth:

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Probably not but let’s accept our own policies are the same or very similar.

I always advocate guarding against creating false paradigms where one country is held up as bad when their policy is, from what I can see, no different to our own.

Seems you want general change not just in the US?

This is already happening.

@anon7138442, as of April the EU has actually banned three out of the five and a fourth is likely to be banned when it’s EU approval ends next year, only the fifth (Acetamiprid) has been given further approval, so the US is now actually at odds with the EU stance on the use of pesticides and there is growing worldwide pressure to ban the so called ‘bee killer’ ones.

I don’t disagree that the BBC like most media outlets has an anti-Trump agenda but this is disappointing if not expected news and was worthy of being reported.

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I see no reason for folk to accept something which is NOT good, simply because someone else may be doing it… :unamused:

As far as I am aware, there is worldwide interest/campaigning against the use of chemicals and stuff which is detrimental to wildlife (and to us too)…

A Haven is a place of safety… sadly, these havens are becoming fewer and fewer. :unamused: