Useful Information for Businesses in France

Please could you send me any links that you have found invaluable for running a business in France and I'll add them to the page at the side so people can find them easily in the future.

Any other other suggestions for pages would also be appreciated.

Thanks Sandra! x

Can you send me your email address Tracy to my business email: and I will send you the file in the next day or so.

That would be great thank you, I asked Catharine but she didn't know so we have decided to create a page, with simple info directing folks to their home page where they have got their link. Am doing very well this afternoon at studiously avoiding the work I should be doing on my own business :-)

Hi Tracy, could have been removed by either Catharine or James as they wanted me to stop adding to the list and get businesses to advertise with them under the business owners section instead. I think I still have the list on my old computer, can dig it out and send to you?

Cheers Sandra, incidentally do you know where the page with everybodys business and website links went to? I have been looking for it and can't find it anywhere? Hope all is going well with you at the moment. - Run by Valerie Lemiere