Using a courier in France

Hello. Has anyone used a courier to send parcels within France (or further come to that)) rather than La Poste? I'm trying to send boxes of bottles around France, but postage is very steep. Any ideas?

yes mondial relay actually sends them an email asking which depot they prefer to collect from - excellent service!

I have also used Mondial Relay as well, for sending stuff from Ebay, and find it really good and never had any problems with parcels not being delivered.

The only thing is to check which depot they want to collect it from, before completing the form, as sometimes the nearest suggestion isn't always the best, as there could be one closer to where they work etc.

Yes,DHL works well
UPS is the best.
Never use la Poste! Takes weeks for a two day delivery.

Great! Even cheaper! Thank you :)

Mondial relay is good - delivered and sent from relay points around France.

That's great, I'll try them, thank you.

You could try these I have used them to compare prices.