Using Facebook to Promote Your Gite

For anyone that is interested, I have created a Facebook group called Holidays in France you can find it using this link and you are welcome to add links to your gites and supporting websites. You never know, if it gets shared enough we may just all benefit a little and have another way of finding customers.

If anyone has had any positive experiences using Facebook to promote their business, it would be good if they let everyone know how they did it and how they got on. For example I found SFN on Facebook when it popped up on my profile in an ad.

Just come across your post. Great idea. Many thanks. Will look into it straight away.

Thanks Jen, welcome to the group.

Hi Sholu, yes I have used the Facebook ads but only on a very limited basis. I did have some success and more than doubled the number of fans for the page I targeted. I liked the fact that you can direct the ad to people with particular interests and in specific locations. That said my preference is and will probably remain seeking free traffic, many of the techniques you use are similar to the ones employed for paid ads, but of course you don’t have to pay.

Creating a free Facebook page for your business or joining a group are some of the ways of utilising Facebook to gain free traffic, and of course you still have the option of using a Facebook ad to promote it, if you are in a hurry.

Good idea! Not yet sure how effective fb is as a marketing tool, but then I haven’t done a fb ad campaign yet. Have you any experience with advertising on fb? Adwords was a total waste of time for us …

Thanks Jan, I get the feeling B&B’s are a bit trickier to market than gites for some reason. So hopefully this might help.

Thanks Brian. I’ve added our link too for our B&B.


Thanks Juliana, hope it gets you some guests.

Good idea, thanks, I’ve just added my website for South France Holiday Villas.

Thanks Diane, actually we are as well, just popped this online in between hoovering and mopping :slight_smile:

Thank you, Brian. Will take a closer look when not getting ready for our first visitors of the season!