Using Google translate with apps

A question about using Google translate on android tablet.

I can read a digital edition of a recently downloaded French magazine in English on my lap top in Windows 10 using Chrome and Google translate set to always translate French pages.
I don’t need to have an app as the magazine comes through logging directly into my account on the publishers web site.

However when I use my android tablet I can only acsess the magazine using the publishers app and I cannot get it to translate pages as it does when using windows10 on lap top.

Can anybody explain if it is possible and how to get pages of French narrative automatically translated when they are deliveted via an app…It’s not practicable to cut and paste into Google.


I am not a techie but I get an do this with my French government info I receive every week about tax,citizens rights etc.I o pen up the email and click on one of the subject headers to open it up
Then I click on the 3 lines or dots on the top right to give me a list of options.
Then click on open browser and on the bottom it automatically open up in English option but it usually does that anyway.
Hope it works for you

Yep, I can do that ok…my problem is connected to using an android app rather than emails or standard Web pages.

Use the internet browser on the tablet and view in desktop mode, that will give you the option of translating.
Unfortunately apps are apps, they give you what they want you to see in a way they want you to see it. However many apps are produced in different versions for different languages, that may be worth a try and search of the App Store.

My internet browser offers a choice of reading in french or english. We have permanently clicked english

I already have that across multiple devices and it works when using Chrome on Web pages, but I don’t think Chrome works on Android apps as against Web pages accessed directly. Understand its different architecture

Have you tried uninstalling the magazine app from your tablet and opening it in Chrome from the magazine website?

JackofallTrades…yep, go onto the website, up comes the site, hit the three hoizontal bars and magazines edition I’ve bought then appears, try to open and it defaults to app install requirement…it seems that’s the only way the copy I’ve bought can be accessed…and Chrome then won’t work on material accessed through an app.