Using Orange 4G box with a Bouygues 4G SIM

I have a n Orange 4G box, latest model, 2023. Will it function with Bouygues 4G SIM?


Hello, and welcome to the forum.

The only definitive way to find out if it works in your precise situation is to buy a Bouygues’ sim and try it in your router. They do a monthly non-contact deal so the worst that can happen is that your experiment will cost you 10€.

there is a procedure to unlock a box if it’s locked - I think you ask your network the box came from.

I had to do it on a small wireless modem many years ago in the UK.

Yes, but if Orange own the box (which I guess they do) I suspect they are unlikely to unlock it for another service provider’s SIM.

Ornge told me the box was unlocked just neede a PIN from other company to login but I stiil have Orange details when I insert Other SIM card. Do you think I need to login via an HTTP address?

Thanks again