Using the Attestation form on i phone

i’m being an idiot but i can’t get my iphone to generate the certificate created by the attestation derogatoire site… eeek

Mine makes the certificates when you fill the form and hit generate, but it doesn’t save them. I have tried all files and nowhere.
Hope you get it sorted

mine does the same…
i’m being so good and i just got stopped by the gendarmes.
i couldn’t show them my certificate!
i was like a granny endlessly scrolling through my iphone to find it…
i couldn’t and he has written me up for the 150 fine
i cried! (like a child - not like a granny…)

I actually do mine in my iPad, save them as two screen shots and transfer them to my iPhone where they are stored in photos. Filling them is easy, the spell checker bar above my keyboard offers me my Christian name, surname and address when the field is selected so it’s just one click for each. I do have to type in my date of birth and and the first two letters of my place of birth.

@cat @Stella
Confusing - there seem to be 2 threads running with the same info :wink:
Wonder if some friendly Team Member can combine or unlist one of them to save further confusion?

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(yes graham)
anyhoo - yes - they’ve made a cobbled together app i guess.
you have to keep the browser window open - it does NOT store the file anywhere… or as dave said, save it as a pdf/photo and keep it…
in 2020 it’s a real ‘about arse’ way to do things…
i know, i know - corona and all - but good grief

For me, i closed the browser - I can’t prove I filled in the form - and it’s going to cost me e150, which i’d probably charge them to fix their stupid app…

It’s in your downloads. Automatically. Unless you’re using some really weird browser?

i know, i know! - it IS on my mac laptop - but in my (very old) iphone there isn’t a downloads folder… there’s a ‘files’ … but it doesn’t go there automatically - it just remains on the top pf the browser - so if you go out of it you’re um, buggered

so i worked out how you can message it to yourself and save it. So from now on it’s ok.

the MARVELLOUS thing is we all have so much time just now to mess about with this stuff - maybe that was their idea - make a game of it!

thanks all - just have to work out now how to get out of the freakin’ fine

x t

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thanks Huffs - me too from now on x

There is a lot to said for the good old pen and paper. Unless as a generation X you cant write only tap.

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It might well be that we are inadvertently living in a new dark age - when historians look back to this time in 1000 years they might find that none of the petabytes of data that lives in our computer systems has survived in a readable format and they will be left guessing from the few scraps of paper that we do leave for their examination.

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Hm. Sometimes I think it would be lovely to only use pen, paper, and real post boxes, and not have to see mean people wasting everyone’s time with rude comments. There’s some small joy in replying to the knob ends I guess…

Teresa… you may well be thoroughly cheesed off due to the problems you have been having…

but I really cannot see any rudeness in Rocam’s post. In fact it made me chuckle… and not in a nasty way…

It has long been mooted on TV /Press/Entertainment… some folk are so used to technology that they are lost without their gadgets… :roll_eyes: it’s light-hearted fun, with perhaps a base of truth for the younger generation…

I hope tomorrow will bring you a better day.

Electronic copies aren’t valid anyway. So says the advice. The instructions say print it or if you don’t have a printer hand write it. Unless the ruling has been revised.

I printed out several and write in pencil, rub it out until I have a hole in the paper.

They are perfectly legal and acceptable.


IIRC the requirement is to use a stylo (pen) and not a crayon (pencil).


Initially they weren’t acceptable but they are now and they may even be preferred by Gendarmes as they have qr code that can be scanned without having to touch it.

I am still using the paper version but some people prefer the electronic version and they are perfectly free to choose. I think with a tweak to the electronic version it could be very convenient.

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I don’t disagree in principle but I also think the idea is to purposely make it “difficult” to make people think before they commit to it.

Ooer. Guess I’d better type out one on android then. But I walk the dog every morning an never met anyone, let alone a gendarme