Utilities on new purchase Loire et Cher

We hope to complete on our purchase in the next 2 months and I’ve been having a look at utility suppliers - electric and gaz de ville.

From what I can see EDF, although a little more expensive offer English speaking support which could make using them for both worthwhile.

Anyone disagree - have other recommendations?

Other than an English speaking capability, we have been customers of EDF since we arrived in France 13 years ago over 3 properties and have not had a complaint with them or about them. For us, they have done what they said they would do and have no plans to change.
That said, I know that @toryroo and some others have been looking at alternative electric suppliers…
Bonne chance with your new property.


EDF has an English speaking helpline, their English is perfect, they are polite, and you will receive a response fairly promptly.

However in my experience their customer SERVICE is diabolical.

EDF have inflated my monthly direct debits payments, changed the monthly plan to increase the payments with no justification or consultation. Failed to provide me with any details of my (gas) consumption over the last 10 months (in spite of having a smart meter). Failed to refund a 900 euro overpayment. In my opinion, a company to be avoided.

I now use Mint to supply my electricity. Mint email me weekly with details of my daily consumption over the last 2 weeks.

I used Selectra https://selectra.info/ to organise my transfer from EDF to Mint.
Selectra has English speaking advisors.

In defence of EDF I would just mention that I do not subscribe to the idea of paying “up front” for utilities… in my book, the money is best in my bank account until it is needed to pay a bill - not EDF’s bank - they have enough of other people’s money :wink: so I have no experience of this issue.

ah yes, that was the name, but I had forgotten it :roll_eyes:

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I am currently experiencing something similar with EDF actually which is what has sent me looking at the alternatives for the first time ever. I have already had to intervene with customer service twice in 6 months to get the direct debits lowered back to something reasonable when they were more than doubled unnecessarily. I’ve not had even the slightest issue before this so it is souring all the goodwill I had for them.

My latest set of problems with EDF can be traced back to November 2020 when a new smart gas meter was fitted.
Since then EDF have been unable / unwilling to provide me with ANY details of gas consumption.

Can you not read the meter yourself? (I don’t have gas so no experience of a smart gas meter, but I’m pretty sure they are like electric smart meters )

EDF overcharged me €720 and it took me 6 months to get it back from them, now with Mint as well…

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I can say that our experience of EdF has been nothing but perfect. When the estimates for the monthly payments have been thought to be on the generous side, a quick call has put it right within the shortest time. Any overpayments have been returned within days of asking. We have no experience of the English speaking line, we have only 'phoned them in French, so cannot comment as to if it is good or not. We do not use EdF for gaz, but GdF but I do not recognise the comments about details of gaz consumption, we also have a smart meter, download the application for the 'phone or PC and all the details are laid out in front of you.

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The best thing to do with EDF is to keep good records, otherwise you will be cheated and confronted with an outrageous bill and it will take time to contact the negotiator in Paris, before things will be straightened out!
In my case they claimed the useage of 16000 kwh and an invoice of €2095,67, which I did not pay and in the end they had to refund € 95 from the money I prepaid.
As good records I consider weekly meter readings and document those in a calendar!

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I agree totally with that… there are many ways of achieving this in both paper records and with online tools/apps.
There can be little argument when you have detailed records on which to draw which you can produce - if necessary to some judicial body or other.
In business, we kept a detailed “day book” which listed at the time any call received at the business premises which saved our skin on more than one occasion in disputes. The consecutively listed events are a powerful tool to prove your point when required.
It’s also why Police Officers keep a notebook which can be demanded in court proceedings.

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Thanks all - seems a bit of a mixed bag but think I’ll try them for a year and see how I get on…