Vacataire versus freelance

Hi all
I’ve been offered some work and have been asked whether I’d prefer to invoice them as an AE or ME as we are now, or be a ‘vacatiare’ - never having done this before, I am wondering if any of you wise people can point out the pros and cons…?

Being a vacataire which you can do only for 200 hours/year means next time you work for them, assuming it is EN, then you will be a contractuel and have paid hols. Off the top of my head I’d say vacataire status is more advantageous but I may be totally wrong - I am not one, but this is what I gather from the remplaçants who are.

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I thought you might answer :slight_smile:
It’s a private school so I think my paid hols are still a pipe dream but worth exploring…
Thanks! X

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Thanks Véro, I’d forgotton the 200 hour limit which was the other reason I went indépendant, as well as the financial one I talked about, Catharine :wink: