Valentines Day, are you romantic?

A couple of days to the 14th and I think i'm sorted for the big day. I say 'big day' because for me Valentines Day, however commercialised it remains to be a great way to express my feelings to the person I care about. I am, i'm happy to say a hopeless romantic. My late wife was the least romantic person ever but I still stuck by my principles and coughed up with the card & flowers etc.This year the flowers, card and a gift are sorted and most probably a meal in Limoges will round off the occasion.

Is romance still alive and kicking in your lives ? Are men more romantic than the ladies ? Am I actually in the minority when holding the 14th february in such high esteem ?

My partner was in London with his kids for the weekend, so I sent him a sheeps poo card

that I bought on holiday last year, and also wrote a short infinite loop code in Python (which I'm learning) that I emailed. He was most touched. :)

Blast, was it beans on toast yet again then Tony ?

Well I didn't get a Lobster Thermidor for dinner, or 'the other thing', so business as usual.............

I'm a great beliver in the 'brownie points' effect Robert. I'm currently in credit though it's sometimes gruelling making sure I keep in the black column...

We celebrate St. Valentines at home with great pleasure and "Togetherness". This Year I received a subscription to "Auto Plus", my Valentine and I went to the best patisserie in Montpellier and she had carte blanche !! We were like kids ...couldn't stop smiling. We shared the spoils over the whole day and captured a wonderful spirit between us . Long live Lurrve !

Steamed treacle pud and custard... speaks to me.
And the cement mixer...
Cut flowers... just depressing, and stinky/slimey in no time at all..I'd give the florist a miss.
OK..not gift wrap. A kind of honours award ceremony...

Tush tush, pish pash.

You've got it all wrong. It's not about romance, it's about realising how you got things the rest of the year without asking; I gave flowers, I got home made beef and ale pie then steam treacle pudding and custard in return. So it's off to the florist next week because I feel lamb shanks and garlic mash coming on!

Subliminal manipulation.

It doesn't always work though, she got a cement mixer and an angle grinder for her birthday...

Wish I could mate but i've got my hands full at the moment, ta very much..

By the way Robert, was there a fatal accident near your place yesterday ? A young girl killed in a car crash ?

Mr need to have a chat with Jeanette, me thinks she would benefit from some of your charm, wit and wisdom.....but for gawds sake don't get the bold Brian involved, could be carnage....

Your sordid RAF stories are probably much the same as my Merchant Navy stories Robert !

You know the old saying...

"The Royal Navy is full of gentlemen trying to be officers and the Merchant Navy is full of officers trying to be gentlemen !!!"

I never, ever understood what was going on. OK, breeding, snogging, sex etc, with assorted physical comforts and delights, but what is romance? A kind of gift wrap?

But I don't mind at all...that everyone else might think it's essential. Just... nobody nag me...romance is nerdy.

Peter...what's Sally going to say when she finds you wearing her Army suit? Lol....low level sorties are the best........ah the stories I could tell you......the old days....must be an age thing.....

She is a romantic lady Shirley and I think most men are romantics at heart but don't always get the chance to reveal their feelings for fear of losing their macho image, or is that being too simplistic ?

How's the moggy ? Enjoying the home comforts ?

Brian - you, me, Peter’s wife - we were/are of Scottish bloodstock - / my grandparents, dad /aunts uncles, cousins - we all came from the same mould!

I think The Scots just get on with being practical before or if ‘romantically’ inclined, which is not the same as being caring and sharing people, we are just less overt about it.

However Having lived this long, I don’t think I’m likely to change - although yes I love the romanticism of the French. I had my hand kissed last night by a Frenchman who Arrived in the cafe with his copine, she didn’t bat an eyelid, I felt flattered. So yes Peter, keep up the good work with your French lady friend! :slight_smile:

I suppose the uniform helps ?

D'ya think my Sally Army suit would have the same effect ?

Only 20? And there's you who can get up further than most of them have ever been before!

Can't say i'm surprised Robert, it must be that big chopper which attracts them..................

Yup...had about 20 cards Peter......they are banging on my door!!!!

last arriving at 11pm!!!!!!