Valentine's Day will be here soon too!

Yes, I know it's not even Christmas yet, but following a recent trip to the UK I have actually done most of my Christmas shopping so I'm already thinking about Valentine's day!

Via: GlobalRose

Late as usual, too late even for MoonPig (which I llove) I used Jacqui Lawson, great value.

I used "moonpig" this year - and thought it was great. I was able to paste onto the card a couple of romantic photos from the past and personalise the messages on the card. The card (a big one) + postage from the UK was about a fiver; which was , I thought, very good value for money.

Remember 21 December, February may never come :-D

Lucky Mrs Higginson :) I know Mr Fitz has done his 'Amazon' shop as a large box came addressed to him which this year I wisely didn't open and I've been told not to go in the car (the boot becomes our shed in London - given we don't use the car much when we're here, it becomes much needed premium storage!) Need to start packing the car up ready for Saturday but I daren't go down there yet.