Value for money. Yummy

It really is a joy to go shopping in my local market. Every Wednesday the periphery of the village square, normally a car park, is full of colourful stalls. I am still at the -can’t stop smiling-stage. I have lived here since mid October but have to return to England every two weeks or so, to work and then return here to…eat, sleep, write, read and quite frankly not, think of England. This market really does sum up for me what I love most about living in France: Sights, sounds and smells worth getting out of bed for. Food prices, not to mention the exchange rate, have changed so much in the last 8 years since I moved across the channel, that I don’t even think about it anymore. Too depressing.

However, I did think this was worth sharing with you. How much do you think this little lot cost? Hmm?

Value for money.

South of France is not always expensive!

That’ll be: 1 red pepper. 1 fennel bulb. 4 potatoes. Bunch of radishes. 2 kiwi fruit. 1 cooked beetroot and 3 courgettes.

Answers on a postcard please…

Sorry, kidding ![;-)](upload://vAqaM5NSC88OTyab1C4uceTV6XS.gif)

It all came to 4€

That’s less than £4. About £3.50.

Then I bought some fresh salmon from the man that looks like George Clooney…but that’s another story.

Looks far too healthy but definitely worth the money.

Now if I am to drool it won't be over the food - I need a photo of the salmon seller who looks like Mr Clooney.